“.......Pleasure is spread through the earth, In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find”

William Wordsworth




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“ We fish for pleasure; I for Mine,you for yours” Leisenring”s Notebooks

We are a collection of like minded Fly Fishers that understand fishing traditional Spiders , Winged Wets, Wingless Wets, Flymphs and Softhackles brings great pleasure to our fishing experience. Fishing these flies can be more demanding than any other type of fly fishing, as the skill level needed to decieve wary trout using this method can be very high, Imagine the tactics needed in fishing dry flies: accuratre casts, drag free presentation, matching the hatch and combining that with Nymph fishing without a indicator: watching the line for a sudden stop or tug, looking for a swirl or flash from the fish, feeling the tap of a bite, fishing without seeing the fly. Combine those two methods of fishing and you have Flymph fishing. Sometimes though, the fly fisher can do no wrong ,the fish willingly and explosively take the fly. Almost like shooting fish in a barrel. The fish literally hook themselves. However the fish respond, there is a certain satisfaction one gets that cannot be duplicated by any other type of Fly Fishing.