“.......Pleasure is spread through the earth, In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find”

William Wordsworth




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“ We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours” Leisenring’s Notebooks

V.S. Hidy Flies

These flies are from a copy of The Art Of Tying the Wet Fly and Fishing the Flymph that Pete sent to a friend named Kirk while Pete was living in Boise , Idaho March 25,1971 “...Who understands Forestry, the quality of life....and the flymph.”

There are 5 different patterns with 4 of the patterns being tied twice. These flies will give a good example on how Leisenring and Hidy tied their flies.

Hare's Ear Spider 1a
Hare's Ear Spider 2c
honey dun 1a
iron blue 1a
Iron Blue 2a
Mahogany 1a
Mahogany 2a
Starling and Purple 1a
Starling and Purple 2a

Tan and Dun Flymph

Hare’s Ear Spider

Note the Button Hole Twist ribbing in this fly. A subtle but effecting touch.

Iron Blue Dun

Mahogany Flymph

Starling and Purple